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Check out this awesome blog that featured Raphael Creations! Thanks Patti!

Do you remember my recent trip to Pasadena and The Greatest Flea Market on Earth? Remember all of the “to drool for” items that I captured on camera? Well, there was one vendor who is so talented at doing what I myself am all about, making OldThingsNew, that I decided to save her photos for a separate blog post. Lisa of Raphael Creations creates fun and funky re-purposed light fixtures from vintage items.

I can hardly wait to show you the pictures but before I do, let me tell you a little about Lisa:

Lisa’s career has spanned 20+ years of nearly every type of job in the entertainment industry. She has always had a creative and imaginative mind (she was one of those kids who was always getting into trouble for taking apart her dad’s electronics). Her recent creations came out of a desire to do something with an old Underwood typewriter she owned. “Bright” idea: She turned it into a lamp for her home. After that she was on a roll and today she creates and sells her lamps both online and in various Southern California locations.

Have a look at a few of her fabulous re-purposed items!

Who knew that Lisa’s curiosity would lead her to one day begin creating and selling such unique, one-of-a-kind light fixtures. She also takes custom orders for lamps made from vintage items that you own. What a fun gift idea . . . Father’s Day perhaps?

Thank you Lisa for letting me take pictures (after I promised that I wasn’t going to copy your work and admitting that I wouldn’t even know how)! You are one talented lady!

Don’t you love seeing other people’s junk re-purposed into new treasures? Did you have a favorite one of Lisa’s creations? If you’d like to view more great re-purposing ideas please check out my Old Junk Transformations board on Pinterest.



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